Tempe Meetup – January 2018

AZWP 1/11/18


Jeremy Scottà interested in learning how to help with WP core meetup—find him on Slack

Clareàinterested in helping non-profits, connect with her

Phoenix StartUp Week—in wharehouse district coming soon

Barrett Jackson this weekend—Deshon is speaking about tech and cars

Digital Marketing Conference Feb 21-22, including content strategy

Deshon—needs help with design work for logos; will compensate

IOT.com upcoming

Fansided is hiring:  project manager, web dev, & ?  see Betsy

WP class at Estrella Community College

Natalie is looking for Social Media job

WORDCAMP:  Feb 16-17.

Feedback Survey

Still taking volunteer applications.

Registration, time keepers, facilitators, re-fill snacks during sessions, clean up


We are applying for WordCamp U.S.—stay tuned.


Anne Watson—Landing Pages

Contact @awatsonbarber she will give feedback to you on your landing page

What is a landing page?

Not a

Not a sales tool

Not an advertisement

It is a party invitation!

Examples Types of Landing Pages:

àsubmit email to get started


àOutliers:  the rule breaking type—go ahead and experiment with your ONE Page.

àGet Started

àGet Help

àCorporate Type (with validation of their product/service)

Rule for Landing Pages: Keep it Simple, Give one action.

àStep 1, 2, 3


àSocial Proof

àNext Steps


·      Include inks to Privacy & T & C Policies

·      Design Tips:  clear, why they have reached the page

·      Keep the CTA (Call to Action) above the fold (as high as you can on the page)

·      Check for mobile view

·      Visual cues to point to the CTA

·      Consider white space, color and load speed; foreign users and various payment options

·      Cross-browser testing

·      Keep messaging consistent

·      Upsell Offer for engaging in CTA and/ or Bonus

·      Simplify or remove navigation features (no tabs at tob); use hamburger menus, slide bars, etc.

Testing, Testing, Testing—for speed, browsing (5-seconds or less), A-B Testing Use Google Analytics

·      Analytics—Use them!

·      Landing page plug-ins:  Leadpages, click funnels  (will save you time)

·      Landing pages via themes:  Divi & Thrive

·      Infusionsoft Landing Pages

·      Before designing a landing page, decide where in your marketing process this landing page belongs.

Tool components:

àGravity Forms

àCombine with email system (e.g. Mail Chimp)

àCombine with Zapier

What’s Next?

è Using CSS Animation

è Mobile Innovation

è Beacon Marketing

Audience Comments:

Most companies are doing mobile first because that is where MVP (minimum viable product) is most often seen.

Plan for what happens after the target responds to your CTA and be prepared. (The process.)

Dashon has a 100 question survey before starting with a client to provide clarity and help with the entire process, not just a landing page or website design.

Attract certain customers via Pandora 😊


àGatsby JS & Next JS—on GitHub—Plugin for WP

àEmail:  MAC only and mobile iOS; Astromail learns your habits and provides suggestions; you can tell Astrobot to remind you to do things; it will also tell you when people read your emails; new, free and supports gmail labels and integrates with Slack.

àAcuity.com for scheduling; categorize types of meetings; click a button to copy private link to send to someone or post somewhere; can also make public link; can embed into website; can customize to brand ($15 per month version); can include payment so that people have to pay to book; can customize email reminders, messages, and intake forms.

àAir Table


àQuestion:  Crowd Sourcing—for Anti-Bulleying; free options?  Social Media is probably best place for free. Or catch them on social media, send to website for google form.


We need presenters for meetup; there are 4 different types of presentations; contact Carol or Betsy if you are interested in sharing your knowledge/skills.






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