Resources for Developers


Developer Documentation – Explains the basic components necessary to create a WordPress site; i.e., Hooks, APIs, Plugins, Shortcodes, Widgets, and Source Code. It also offers suggested forums for additional information.

Codex Template Hierarchy – Explains how template files are used to generate a page or some portion of a page. Some templates (the header and footer template files for example) are used on all the web pages, while others are used only under specific conditions. This graphic indicates template execution order. It is important to note how to leverage the built-in extensibility and filtering capabilities of templates, specifically:

  • Extensible uses of {slug} and {taxonomy}
  • Filter Hierarchy and {$type}_template
  • Extensible filters like author_ {custom}

Database Description – Explains the basic MySQL table layout. This graphic depicts the tables and their fields.

Theme Development – Explains the basic components needed when building a WordPress theme.

Child Themes – The simplest theme is a child theme. A child theme is used if an existing theme is sufficient with some basic changes to the look and feel that aren’t controlled through the dashboard. Child themes ensure modifications are not overwritten when its parent theme is updated.

PHP/CSS/HTML/Javascript/SQL References & Tutorials:

W3Schools – Quick references and tutorials for just about all scripts/language skills needed to code your website. Certifications are also available.

Create CSS3 –  Quick tools for generating CSS code snippets.

CSS Tricks – Chris Coyier, author of Digging into WordPress, is a CSS pro. His site offers great CSS tips and tricks and even some WordPress specific information.

Tuts Plus – Broad and comprehensive scope offering topics on coding, web design, and WordPress topics. It provides articles, guides, and tutorials on various topics.

Sitepoint – Articles on HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, UX, and Design.

CSS Zen Garden – A fun and visual way to learn CSS. See how different content can look with only CSS and image modifications.

Codepen – CodePen is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor in your browser with instant previews of the code you see and write.

CoDrops – Articles and tutorials geared towards visual design and interaction. Provides CSS/HTML/JS snippets. Offers hints about how to achieve popular visual effects.

WordPress Specific Blogs, References, & Tutorials:

WP Codex – This is the bible. It’s got an extensive Table of Contents to all topics, beginner to advanced.

WP Snippets – Useful WordPress hacks and snippets.

WP Tavern – Blog on various WordPress topics.

Max Foundry – Intermediate to advanced topics and reviews on themes, blogs, coding tricks, and code design philosophy.

Code Poet  – Do you Make Things With WordPress? A resource for anyone building sites with WordPress. They provide articles, theme/plugin/book reviews, and interviews. Hey, they even have a WordPress IQ Test.

General Code Blogs/Forums:

Stack Overflow – Basic coding forum. Also has a section on latest WordPress questions.

Sitepoint Forums – Basic coding forum.

DJ Designer Lab – Geared towards designers, but offers tips and tutorials on WordPress, Photoshop, and far-ranging topics from jQuery plugin selection to responsive design. Showcases design related plugins and picks theme favorites.

Smashing Magazine – Comprehensive site devoted to both code, design, and UI/UX topics. There is even a section devoted to WordPress.

Cats Who Code – website dedicated to those who create and maintain websites : web developers, web designers, webmasters, and so on.
Their aim is to make web development easier and funnier by providing high quality resources and useful tutorials to readers. WordPress specific snippets are available.

LukeW – A blog about digital product design. Articles discuss web usability, interaction, and visual design.


There’s always Youtube!