Presenting at Meetup


WordPress is more than just a technology, it is an open source project. WordPress is also a community with key values and it is important that any presentation or discussion at the meetup be consistent with these values.

We value:

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Presentations and comments at events and after-event gatherings should be respectful to all regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic background.

Safe & Encouraging Learning Environment

No question is stupid. Our community is incredibly supportive and we’d like to keep it a place fresh faces and experts in their field both feel welcome.

Along this same line, disparaging comments about companies and products in the WordPress space is frowned upon. It’s one thing to share constructive criticism or perhaps how a product didn’t quite fit your unique needs, it’s another to make blanket statements about companies and products.

Companies of all sizes call Phoenix home, including large companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Pagely and SiteLock and small, upstart studios and freelancers. One bad experience or poor customer/product pairing doesn’t make a company horrible — this isn’t a vent group.

Staying On-Topic

WordPress is a broad space that encompasses web development, design, marketing, business and community/events management. We ask presentations and topics tie back to WordPress and remain appropriate for a professional environment.

These meetups also typically follow a long, full workday for most attendees, so please be respectful of others time with your questions, introductions and presentations.