May 2016 – Chandler

Special thanks to our newest member, Stephen Orsini for taking notes.

Hello world …


volunteering …

1770 meetups in the valley (whoopee!)

business of web meet up – 1st tues of month at co+hoots

biz trends/projects/building sites

other meetups – almost every week of the month

upcoming events:

wordcamp phx – dates coming soon


carol s

superpower – on-demand clone of myself

james ingram

superpower – wants a clone as well … or reverse aging


superpower – ability to choose one … or, time travel

barry l

superpower – telekinesis


superpower – space travel

rob c

superpower – fly


superpower – flash/speed


superpower – clone myself


superpower – read minds


superpower – type faster


superpower – fly


superpower – spy


superpower – bend rules of probability

intro of ita

geeking out – productivity tools – video stuff

presentation begins…

“understanding video for the web”

… who uses video on their websites (for themselves and their clients)?

“about me”

timeline … from mechanical engineering to animatronics

ita is a trekie

art inst. of phx – degree in comp. animation

made some bad horror movies … then graduated to comedy and making things blow up 😀

… got laid off from day gig, and started video/prod full time

“online video”

list of some of the available players

“platforms vs players”

YouTube vs Wistia

YouTube vs

– Wistia “is a skin put over top of video” … or like WP, it is a “theme”

– Vimeo is ad free, has privacy settings, and does not compress your video (re-encode)

YouTube is

– destination site

– social

– 2nd largest search engine (after google)


– Facebook (video) – does not have searching or accurate metrics

“Freebooting” – practice of taking someone else’s video and posting it somewhere else, and getting more views/traffic (happens on FB)

… YouTube is Search … Search is dead … is YouTube dead? I digress…

“Multi-Platform Approach”

Youtube & vimeo & wistia & facebook …

Tim Schmoyer – (found via

“Right tool of the right job”

“Video Quality – Playback”

many factors here … “it’s complicated”

length, frame rate, resolution, bit rate, bandwidth


length and bit rate

“Rule of Thumb”

format: h.264

resolution: 1280×720

bitrate: 4-8 Mbps (variable frame rate)

More action? … higher bit rate

Bonus: “Hit Films Express 4” – free app, higher end

Bonus: “Handbrake” – free app

“Design Your Channel”

have a featured video

youtube channel art

SEO … importance of time watched …

“Substance over Style”

pro produced content vs user generated

pro produced content performs better


– leveraging video for profit

ads are ok, even for new ventures

– youtube music

“royalty free music” search on YT

try not to use music that is under copyright

– video/content formatting

1. call to open

2. title sequence

3. personal intro

4. body

5. close/call to action


“digital story-tellers meetup” put on by ita – not exclusive to video

– video as a background on websites … cool or not so?

cool – but doesn’t work on mobile

– video gear?

– favorite vlogger

andrew cramer – video copilot

Ita Udo-Ema

[email protected]


book Ita (or anyone) as a mentor – see ann

Favorite Video Plugins?

– Youtube Channel Gallery (

– Your Channel (

– Fly Plugins – Media Maestro (

Thanks for the fish?