March 2015 – Open Forum/Unconference Meetup


Broke up into 4 discussion groups & you got to pick 2 of them – eCommerce, hosting, SEO & development workflow

Notes from eCommerce

  • eCommerce – want variable pricing, integration w/Paypal
  • Using easydigitaldownload
  • Australia company, Tips & Tricks controls PDF download/distribution?
  • Can watermark customer number across PDF, in case people share extensively … PDF stamper (Java script must be enabled in PDF)
  • Make download links expire, so if shared … it expires in 24 hrs; buyer has to go into their account to get new link
  • Way to control sharing is … support only goes to people who can provide a license key
  • Woo commerce has Stripe integration
  • OpenCart script is free? Not a plugin
  • Stripe is alternative to PayPal – weaknesses? Only in 5 or 6 companies … English; higher bar to get lower rate – maybe $10K? deposits nightly
  • Paypal child account if you need an event PayPal account for events that don’t have shipping charges
  • Rumors that Paypal holds money – they don’t like rapid growth & are suspicious
  • Cathy … [email protected]; lives in Gilbert but in FH frequently – she’s also biz owner who knows a ton & went to Black Hat event in Vegas


Notes from SEO discussion but talked more, so not too many notes