June 2016 Chandler Meetup Notes

Resources:  arizonawp.org, tweet- #WPAZ

Upcoming events

Fall-word camp

Desert code camp- Oct 8th, Chandler/Gilbert Community College

Data Secure Interface June 17th Scottsdale

Presenter: Steven Greer

Contact:[email protected] or [email protected]

What are plug ins?

Ways to extend functionality that already exists in wordpress.

For websites:

A) E Commerce

B) Membership

C) Forms

D) Developer applications


What to consider when deciding plug ins?

A) Security

B) Functionality- What does it do and is it easy?

C) Performance-To many can affect performance.

D) Free vs. Premium

Security- The #1 cause of security issues is due to plug ins. #2 Brute force. Wordfence.com is a good plugin.

Functionality- What do you need it to do? Make a list of what you want it to do. Remember the most feature rich is not always the best.

Performance- 1) The trade? Speed for functionality, balance is the key. 2) Front end vs administrative plugins. They do not affect performance. Front end- functions withing the site and will affect performance. Tip… Front page should load within 2 seconds.

Free vs Premium- What to consider when choosing?



Quality ok

Community maintained

Updates through wordpress

No official support- own risk and no technical support

Reason for wordpress powers ¼ of the Internet

Some things to consider when choosing a free plug in.

Compatible with your current wordpress version?

When was it last updated? More recent is always better.

The number of active installs.

What are the ratings-Read the reviews should be a 4 or better.

What documentation in the description and do they have a site?

Use your resources to research more information. Slack, google etc.



Higher quality

Professionally maintained

Updates are not as simple

Paid professional technical support

Some of the things to consider when deciding to go with a premium plugin.

Will the functionality be a significant factor to you making money?

Will it save time in the development, therefore save you money?

What is your actual need of the form or function?

Give back-

Review and rate.

If you have having problems with a free plug in, contact them directly. Provide information such as what wordpress version you are using. What theme and any error codes and any other information that will be helpful to the developer in trouble shooting your issue. Give them a rating based on your experience.

Write your own plug in.

Making your own plug in- Jeremy

Add Hello Dolly back and take a look at the code and what it does to your site.- It will help you understand the code and what it does.

Why make your own plug in? – #1 reason to make your own is when changing to the different theme, how your existing plug in interacts with your new theme may not work or you loose the functionality of that plug in. An example is customer posts. Its also easier to debug if issues occur. When using your own plug in it will keep that data when changing themes. You have the freedom to control!

You can use existing plugsin to help you and guide you when making a new one. Just be sure to change the header information, so that its yours.