July 2017 Tempe Meetup

AZ Word Press Meetup

Upcoming Tech Events:

AZ WordCamp – Oct 28th

Cactus con

Desert Code Camp

PIY: Podcast it Yourself – Oct 28th

Speaker: [email protected] linkedin.com/in/dennisdinsmore

Recommends the book WordPress Rockstar


He loves golf, so send him a golfy thank you 😊

ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) is a go to for Dennis in his dev work.

To use ACF, you need basic knowledge of PHP and theme knowledge because you need to edit PHP files

Don’t do it live!

Documentation for the plugin is super easy, super detailed and consistent. Great screen casts

Field Types: Text, Text Area, Number, Checkbox,

ACF Theme Code

3 Level:


Options to fine tune the content

Participant recommends: Content view Pro works well with ACF without needing to use the code.

Take a look at the ACF Demo—it’s very helpful!

Changing the Field Label will automatically change the Field Name

WP + ACF = Happy Paws (Live Demo)

How to add ACF to your custom theme:

Repeater called Slides to build a slider, Title Lead Paragraph, Button Text Button Link and background  Image fields. Fill in the content for each and you have multiple sliders.

Visual Composer vs. ACF:

Flexible content

You can add plugins to it.

Look at ‘Site Options’ to target and make rules by selection; posts, pages users, forms, etc.

An example of customizing with a click:  SEO guy says the H4 header needs to be H2; so you change it to H2, but you can keep the H4 style. Cool!

In the home page editor, you can drag and drop the components.

‘Layout’ is like a ‘Repeater’ but more powerful because you can move a part of it to another page, not only drag and drop to another area of the same page.


Chris Klosowski recommends WPLCI for deployment of instants questioner or custom containers (Jon Stephanson)

Code Revisions plug in will check code before it saves and adds revisions to ACF

SSL certifications (Chris recommends rolling over every 3 months)

WHM can get CPanel cheaply

Snaggit, CloudApp, for screensavers

Favorite learning tools for WPà Lynda.com, Youtube, WP beginner.

CSS Hero for editing

Project Huddle—clients can comment on the design; also

Screen share for meetings:  appear.in (free, claim a room, create meeting name, you can paste url into slack and send to others)

Zapier—might be able to connect Mighty Bell to your WP siteàwe will have a full presetation on Zappier soon.

CHRIS & Drew James (Colorado WP Core Contributor):

Information Flow

11 different services for a single purchase

First time visitoràRetargeted (will serve ads to them when they leave via Perfect Audience)à


First-time visitoràAdd to cartàComplete Purchase via Stripe or PayPalà Yesà

First-time visitoràAdd to cartàComplete Purchase via Stripe or PayPalàNoàFailed PmtàFraud Review àSends data to Zapier

Unleash the KrakaenàSend Data to MailChimpàSubscribedà(YeS)à General Newsletterà16 weeksàFollow Up Survey MailChimpàGravity Formsà Google Docs Sheets.