WordPress Meetup – Tempe

6:30 pm
Intros & Announcements

6:45 pm
Cross Browser and Mobile Device Testing by Dennis Dinsmore – https://lightsoutinteractive.com/
Cross browser testing is the final and most important part of launching your website. Before putting your site out to the world, you should see what it looks like on today’s most modern browsers as well as mobile devices.

I will show you how to test for the most recent and modern browsers as well as mobile devices to make sure your site looks great before showing the world.

7:20 pm
GDPR by Scott Deluzio – https://scottdeluzio.com
Scott will be talking about the upcoming European GDPR regulations that affect anyone who collects, stores, or processes personal data on European citizens. He will share what the requirements are, and what you will need to do in order to make sure your business stays compliant with this new regulation.

8:05 pm
Cool $hit I’ve Done – Jeremy Scott

8:30 pm
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