Northwest Valley – Arizona WordPress Group

5:30pm – Pre-Meeting Help Me Hour
Come early and bring your specific question and problems for 1-on-1 assistance. Experienced WordPress volunteers will be on-hand to help you solve them.

When? We meet the 4th Tuesday each month, 6:30pm is the official start but the pre-meeting “Help Me” Hour begins at 5:30pm.

Where? Elevate Coffee Company ( in the Norterra Shopping Center at Happy Valley & I-17.

Need directions? Here’s a Google Map with the exact location (

**Our location is generously sponsored by: SiteLock: Website Security (**

With all the other great WordPress Meetups, there is lots of fantastic content (which you should check out on the website (, so here is what you can expect from our meetups…

Our focus is to help beginners to power-users with:

• Fast/Convenient/Easy ways to work with WordPress (and still do it right)
• What to do once you have a site (i.e. how to get people to your site, a.k.a. marketing)

Of course, we are here to help you get all your WordPress questions answered too.

Meeting Agenda

Introductions: Who are you? What are you working on? What brings you to the meetup?
Any blog or twitter feed you follow, or tell us about an upcoming event.

Mark Rudder: Site Migration (new host account)
I like easy, so I will share ways I do site migration that I believe are just that.

I will start at the beginner level and move to a little more intermediate stuff.
(and try to not to be boring.)
There is always a wide range of understanding in our meetings, from beginners to seasoned developers, so I will try to hit it somewhere in the middle.
Then I will let Brian Murphy take over for the advanced stuff.

We will also touch on backups, as they are similar to a migration package, and can be used for moving a site as well.

When I’m migrating a site, I like to start with what I think is the easiest method/plugin first:
All in One Migration plugin.
I think it has the fewest steps.
If that doesn’t work, I break out Duplicator.

I also have used UpDraft Plus which is primarily for backups, but will restore a site from
off site storage, and therefore becomes a migration.
You could also use Backup Buddy.

Open Forum — This is the time to ask your questions, share a new favorite tool/plugin/website.
We can discuss plugins/themes that we like, and security issues we have encountered.

We will also look at your site issues and answer any specific questions.
This will be an open discussion and problem solving time.
Remember, there will be a broad spectrum of knowledge in the meeting, and our task will be to help you. Everyone was a beginner at some point, so don’t be shy.
Sharing advanced issues/setups/configurations/code, etc., is also encouraged.

General networking, chit-chatting, cleanup, and head out.

And in case anyone is wondering, our lovely co-host Brandy will be up in the far north,
checking out dental floss plantations. (Cheesy Zappa reference)
You will be missed.

Elevate closes at 9PM, so we usually head over to a local restaurant for some snacks, beverages (adult and otherwise) and more great conversation.