Northwest Valley – Arizona WordPress Group


Pre-Meeting Help Me Hour 
Come early and bring your question/problems.  Experienced WordPress volunteers will be on-hand to help you solve them.

Please join us the 4th Tuesday each month at Elevate Coffee Company in the Norterra Shopping Center at Happy Valley & I-17.

**Our location is generously sponsored by Headway Themes. **

With all the other great WordPress Meetups, there is lots of fantastic content (which you should check out on the website), so here is what you can expect from our meetups…

Our focus is to help beginners to power-users with:

• Fast/Convenient/Easy ways to work with WordPress
• What to do once you have a site (i.e. how to get people to your site, a.k.a. marketing)

Of course, we are here to help you get all your WordPress questions answered too.

Meeting Agenda

Who are you? What are you working on? What brings you to the meetup?

Open Forum
— This is the time to ask your questions, share a new favorite tool/plugin/website, blog or twitter feed you follow or tell us about an upcoming event

WordPress Focused Topic

Marketing Focused Topic

I was at my church’s Christmas party the other night and I saw one the members and her daughter looking at Pinterest on their phone.
Being the curious person that I am, I asked how many Pinterest boards she had.
284 was the answer. What??
Then I asked how many followers. 
9,000 was the answer. WHAT???

She told me she was a blogger,
and that she had 194,000 visitors last month and made
$15,000. WHaaaaT????
She is on track to make over $40,000 for the month of December.

Lesley Stevens calls herself a blogger. (mommy blogger)
She is also an Amazon affiliate.

Needless to say, Lesley and I have had a lot to talk about since then.
Particularly WordPress and Blogging.

I asked/convinced her to come and share about blogging.
Specifically, doing keyword research and writing an SEO friendly blog post.
I am very excited for her willingness to join our group and share what she knows.

As they say: “Content is King” and Lesley knows how to create it.
Something we believe in the group:  you can have the best website in the world, but it’s a waste if nobody can find it.
That problem gets solved by providing valuable content for your target market.
Content that is also Search Engine-friendly is a great way to get found.

I told Lesley that the Tuesday Meetup right before Christmas is usually smaller than normal and would be good for her first presentation. (she’s a little shy)
She is also excited to meet other people who use WordPress.

You really won’t want to miss this one.

Because I know this question will come up,
yes she has some learning products.
The training is straight to the point and explains how to do what she does.
(what good marketer doesn’t have products?)
I’m watching the content now myself and it’s excellent stuff.

Here is the link to the training if you’re interested.
Pajama Affiliates
She also has a private Facebook group for those who have invested in the training so you can ask her questions.

Mark Rudder

General networking
, chit-chatting, cleanup, and head out.

Elevate closes at 9PM, so we usually head over to Buffalo Wild Wings for some snacks, drinks and more great conversation.