Advanced WordPress Developer Meetup – Sponsored by Siteground

This is the local ADVANCED WordPress Developer meetup. Join us at the Skyhook office at 7PM on the 4th Thursday of every month for food, networking and learning!

6:30 – Doors open, Networking, Food

7:00 – Introductions

We like to ask a few questions to introduce yourself. Your name, who you work for and what topics or speakers you would like to see at future meetups.

7:15 – Advanced WordPress Developer Meetup Future

We are at a crossroad for this meetup. Some of the meetups this year have not had a big turnout and we would love to hear from you, our best developers, what can we do to improve this meetup? Should we continue? Is this valuable to our WordPress community? Please come out and let your voice be heard.

7:30 – WP-GraphQL: A Modern, Efficient and Delightful Way to Interact with WordPress Data – Presented by David Ryan

WordPress is quickly becoming a layer or arm in many applications and websites. The REST API in Core is a great way to get JSON of Core objects and data, but as applications grow versioning new endpoints and maintaining old ones gets costly and cumbersome.

Using GraphQL we compose a request stating all the resources and fields we need, and receive a response containing only what we asked for. GraphQL helps reduce HTTP requests, transmission of unused data and codebase maintenance. In this session we’ll explore the wp-graphql plugin that extends WordPress. Whether you’re using WordPress as an application layer, building headless WordPress front-ends or just looking for a simpler, more relational alternative than WP_Query’s, GraphQL offers a powerful alternative and companion to the WP-API.

8:00 – Soft close, Networking

8:30 – You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here

Last Advanced WordPress Developer Meetup for 2017

This will be our last Advanced WordPress Developer Meetup for 2017 as November and Decembers dates fall very close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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