December 2014 – “Un-Meetup”


  • Beginners at 5:30 with Clif

Other Meetups:

  • First Tuesdays: Business of Web Meetup; more related to business projects
  • Second Tuesday: Scottsdale
  • 4th Tuesdays NW Valley Meetup
  • 4th Thursdays: Developer Meetup

Idea Swap:

1—WooCommerce is recommended by April; Free Plugin with paid add-ons

2—Infusionsoft & Woocommerce recommended by Anne Barber Watson for cool ecommerce

3—WP Dashboard Notes—Plugin recommended by Carol; great for while you are working on a staging area, you can put in on the current live site for others to see, document notes while more than one person is working on a site.  LIFE-CHANGING!

4—WordPress “Favorite” marker ( heart)  : on—Laurie recommended this for noting things that she likes and this is found in the “Add Plugins” when you are logged in.

5—40% off iThemes right now—recommended by Alexandria; Carol moved off of iThemes Exchange due to bugs, but she loved it and depending on your needs (e.g. simple e-commerce) it could be useful.

6—Chris Lema blogs are great for membership sites.

7—Mark Rudder (The Business of Web): Laurie recommended BrewHouse Themes has theme that move when you mouse over them—Fun! J

8— —Clif recommends it for checking out themes and seeing comments on them; also

9—For working with colors:  Colorzilla—Carol recommends it due to having the most luck with finding colors; and ; April also recommends

10— –recommended by Laurie for beginners of anything computer related; wpbeginner & wordpress101 & recommended by April.

11—For photos:  Trudi recommends Photopin for free photos for bloggers (ccl)

12— April recommends free icons (png, svg, files)àpinky swear option to give attribution

13—Inkscape is free ccl sub for adobe illustrator


Rules of Engagement:

You are where you are supposed to be. The session lasts as long as it is supposed to last. It’s over when it is supposed to be over.

Possible Topics:

  • Google Fonts; functionality
  • Child Themes; functionality
  • Recommended Themes; how do you go about choosing
  • Editing Themes
  • Best way to learn how to do WP professionally
  • Photo Editing: Purely Proper Pixel Process (In or out of WP theme)
  • Mamp; Xamp; Wamp & Hosting Recommendations

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Photo Editing:

in Firefox right click on an image and choose “view photo info” to check for pixel sizes; in media settings in WP you can check what you need in each size: Thumbnail, Medium, Large

Editing photos in WP:

Some themes, but not all will provide info on what size photos need to be; sometimes available in the demo.

With image uploaded into media gallery; click on an image and find the edit button; clicking into the image you can instantly crop; you can rotate; vertical flip and mirror image, plus scale; you can apply to ____?; you can save the new size in your media gallery; but you can revert back to original size at any time.

Child Themes:

Allows for customization of themes to stick when the theme’s updates are made; so that customizations are not lost. (i.e. child themes override parent theme, for customization but can still “update” without losing customization)

Edit CSS from Jetpack is stored in the data base.

Genesis Theme has Child Theme…..???

To edit themes you need to edit the CSS.

If all of your changes are done within the constructs of the theme-including plugins; you are safe, but eventually you are going to want a style or functionality change.

Recommended Themes:

Divi—customization capability

Elegant Themes

Make from the ThemeFoundry


Code Canyon

Theme Forest

Headway—drag & drop

Enfold (ThemeForest)—drag & drop editor; visual editor; options for theme setups


Free themes on

Motif—more professional less bloggy looking

April recommends checking load time of the demo theme.  Page speed testing with…..

Carol recommends

To find out what theme a website is built with: