Connect with Us on Social Media

As the Arizona WordPress Group grows, so will our need to communicate with members on social networks they use. Even while not at a meeting, you can interact and engage with other members of Arizona WordPress Group participants.


Join the Arizona WordPress Meetup Group to connect with likeminded users and be notified about upcoming live meetups, mixers and local events as it relates to WordPress. You can Join without being obligated to attend, but when you attend, our meetups are amazing.

Twitter Hashtag

The official Twitter hashtag is #WPAZ. You can easily follow the live discussion and pose questions to the group by appending “#wpaz” to your Tweet. We encourage you to share updates to other people’s questions and new ideas.

You can follow hashtags in your favorite Twitter client by doing a search and saving it. 


The official Facebook Page is located at Like the Facebook page so you can hear about upcoming meetings and events. Also, we would love if you could share out our events with your friends so we can raise awareness of the group.

Google Plus

Circle the official Arizona WordPress Group on Google Plus. Right now, Google Plus requires names, so that is why we have our founder, Carol Stambough’s name attached. This Google Plus account is how we will simulcast our live video streams of meetups.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel, AZWordPressMeetup, so you can catch the latest video recordings from our meetups and free trainings.