November 2014 – Analytics and A/B Testing

Special thanks to April Holle of Made Better Studio and John Gough of Skyhook Marketing for their presentations.

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A/B Testing Slide Deck

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  • 5:30 pmWP Beginners Orientation
  • 6:30 pmWelcome and Announcements
  • 6:40 pmGoogle Analytics Goal and Conversion Tracking – April Holle- @AprilHolle
  • 7:30 pmIdea Swap
  • 7:40 pm A/B Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization – John Gough – @John_Gough
  • 8:30 pmAdjourn
  • 8:45 pm“Eat-Up or Drink-Up!”



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Nov. 13, 2015 Notes



Google Analytics Goals & Conversion Tracking – April Holle

What is it?

Tracking code Google gives you for free so you can track how many people visit your site, when, how often, how long, etc.

New Universal tracking code (some things are not tracking correctly????) get it because it tracks more things.

How to set up:  Sign in to google account; log in to wp site; use Yoast plugin; take the ID provided by google analytics and cut and paste it into your plugin.

What metrics do you look at?

-where it is being referred from

-SemaltàSEO company

Go to

# sessions

Users (who is on your site, based on IP address or google login)


page views

average session duration (2 min mark is a good mark)

bounce rate=someone looked at one page and left; typically 20-30%

% New Sessions

New Visitor vs. Return visitor

Most important tabs on your google analytics report are:


Acquisition = how someone finds your site

Conversions=someone did something on your website that you wanted them to do; e.g. signed up for newsletter, sent a

Goals = you can set up your own goals to track items (e.g. contact forms, destination page/thank you, duration, pages & screens per session, Event (event = when the user is doing something on the page like clicking, but it doesn’t take the user to another page.)

You have the option to use a template of goals to choose from or you can customize your goals

For customizing goals and asynchronous there is a new syntax for “goal details” destination.  Don’t understand this? Ask April.  J

Value = the dollar amount value of certain pages when users are on those pages for data driven decision making.

Funnel = When setting this up the “Name” is the url and “Screen/Page” is the name of your page

If you click to “require” then you might not see a conversion just because it didn’t go the route you told it to go, but the user still ended up where you wanted them to.


Conversion Optimization – John Gough

David Ogleby, the ad guy from the 50s & 60s: “Advertising is better with science.”

Good marketing is the pursuit of realiity.  Just because you think something is going to work better doesn’t mean it will.

So remember: Data-driven design.  (Use reality to make decisions.)

The better data you can gather, the better.

Google Analytics is quantitative data (countable).  It doesn’t explain the “why”.

Qualitative data: experience of how and why.

Question: Is there a plugin for the qualitative?  Kissmetrics is one.

Ratings are not countable (“On a scale of 1 to 10….”)

What is CRO

Site Purpose Activities Events

Occamsrazorà author of two google analytics

What is A/B testing?  Putting 2 things side by side and watching to see how two groups behave in response to those two different things.

Examples: WordPress, Etsy, etc

Screaming Frog allows 500 free pages to be screened for ???

Crazy Egg another example; does heat mapping.

Talk to a real human being!

Measure the right things.

Avinash Kushikik  Actionable data (beyond Google Analytics)

Use a canonical metatag to prevent google dinging for duplicate content when you A/B test.

Being data driven is the most important thing.