Chandler Meetup July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016  Chandler, AZ  WordPress Meetup Notes,  Gangplank Chandler

  • WordPress Meeting Organizer Carol Stambaugh introductions, sponsors
  • Upcoming Events: Wordcamp 2016 October 1-2, Downtown Phoenix Tickets will sell out, so get your tickets. Only $40

Introductions: around the room…


Speaker tonight: Dallin Harris @dallinharris

”The Future of the Internet”

Dallin Harris – Principal at Skyhook Interactive

Skyhook builds high performance websites using WordPress.

Thesis: Online, the best way to sustainably have the kind of impact (and corresponding value capture) that moves you toward creating a legacy is to embrace the future a little more everyday.

We all recognize that the internet is the tool to make money for your family, create an impact for your community, and make a difference.

–        Underlying forces

–        Specific predictions

–        How to create impact

Underlying Force #1 = Censors

Devices connected to the internet 15 billion now, expecting 35 billion by 2019, sensors are being but onto more and more devices.

Sensors on train tracks, things are creating more input than we have, and it is starting to create a central nervous system, creating sensory input.

Data – the volumes are staggering

Web traffic Exabytes = 1 billion Gigabytes

Cicso estimated 1 Exabyte in 2007 in one month.

2016 = 10 Exabytes of data per month, Zetabyte = 100 Exabytes, just happened in 2016

This will quadruple the amount of data transfer on the internet

By 2019, estimated 46 Zetabytes per month


Algorithms: CNBC stats that we are meeting only 20% of the data scientists.


Machine learning = computers are learning what an image of a flower looks like, not necessary labeled

Auto driving cars, learning


Mobile: More usage, expected to taper off by 2020 when critical mass is met worldwide

Huge movement of watching TV on mobiles and laptops


New users being connected with the internet.


Global Adoption of the internet: China & India 4.5 & 5% increase, as many as are in the US now.

Self publishing – Declining due to critical mass, impact

Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship

Hard drive cost per gigabyte

1980, 1 Gig cost $1M , now it is 10 cents per Gigabyte


Prediction #1:Total Personalization –personal interest websites come up for you

Prediction #2: Data interaction – machines talking to each other.

Appointment bookings will talk to your device, booking flights, tables, etc. Cars will know they need an oil change, and will notify the service provider.

Carol shared that “Workflow App” will text people how far away you are and when you will get there.

Dallin said he made a button that will text his wife that says “ I love you”, thinking about you,

Chris said a friend of his reminded him to “buy flowers” three times a month randomly.

Prediction #3: Augmented Reality

PokemonGo game, augment what is happening right in front of you.

Chris mentioned “Pulse” app to break bad habits.

Cathy mentioned augmented “Sixth Sense, MIT, augmented reality” to see some early wearable technology that projects onto flat surfaces.

Prediction #4 : Truly Global Economy

It’s as easy to talk to somebody here as it is on the other side of the world.

Interesting implications for commerce, hiring somebody in India.  What makes you different?

LinkedIn has a skills endorsement list. Dallin thinks it’s genius, because he can find an endorsement easily.

For the sharing economy, Uber or Task Rabbit, can use cars.

Prediction #5: Everyone a programmer.

Programmers are working themselves out of a job. Tony Stark has Jarvis, where he can ask for programming tasks.

Prediction #6: New Threats was created by a website from people who said they were going on vacation from a map. A Robber could look on a map, and see where people had tweeted they were going on vacation.

Cyberbullying – gives the bullies the avenue to get to people at home.

Stucksnet – made some code, put them on flashdrives, would pick up the flashdrives, and would cause a meltdown, which caused the reactor

Meshnet, encrypted layer of the internet. Bitcoin is another example of this. Literally no one can know how much bitcoin you  have. Luddite,

Firechat – riots going on in HongKong, they fired up firechat, which is a peer to peer phone chat system.

“imessage” is encrypted.


Building a more beautiful, useful & connected internet. 


Q & A –

Postmatic – WP Plugin – does email subscriptions

Jetpack – make your own account and create an email notice

Anyone using xtheme –

Digital rights management has a great app.

Chris is doing an overview for the NorthWest Phoenix WordPress Valley meetup – August 23rd at the Elevate Coffee Shop at 6:30 pm.

Eileen – mentioned using “ithemes sync” to update plugins across multiple sites.

Claire – having trouble with emails.   “Sendgrid” service allows 12,000 emails per month. Check email server.

Trudy – Offered a digital storytellers meetup group from, there’s a popout from the side for the course information.  It’s all about content.

Content is the entry fee to our current market. You don’t get exposure, clients, customers without content.


Roundtable Discussion: Marketing Automation

Carol is doing client workflow automation:

Chris uses Evernote to write blogposts, then he tags things, then uses google calendar, then to schedule sharing, he uses his own plugin.  He wants to hear where people are getting ideas.

One member posts to Google +, Twitter, Facebook every single day.

Ita does Storytellers BootCamp, you do a Sprint, you do another 45 minutes, then you write one of them, and do them once a month to get content out there.

Carol mentioned a paid plugin that does a calender,  “CoSchedule” is a service.

Chris has “” that will help WordPressors post content everyday.

Content Strategist goes through keywords, linking, SpyFu, will tell you what your competitors are linking through.

Trello cards, and Gravity Forms help with keyword, shares with editor, editors the post in Google Docs, then goes to an advanced Gravity Form, then uploads it into the Gravity Form, uploads what it is going to say on Facebook, and prepopulates. Keywords are important.

“Active Campaign” that automatically emails customers every Thursday at noon on what to look for.

There are Plugins for sharing Instagram on WordPress.

Stacy Harris will be coming back. She is on Social Media and is good for posting on Facebook, best times on when to post on Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, and others.

“Crowdbooster” does an analysis. Chris is working on data mining on sharing, when to share, and more.