August 2015 – Guerilla Content Strategy and Asana Project Management


Guerilla Content Strategy

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Resources for the Newbie


Some favorite blogs or podcasts noted by attendees:

  • Stack Overflow
  • CSS Tricks
  • Ted Radio
  • Elegant Themes blog
  • Troy Dean
  • WP Elevate
  • Deep Design
  • Gather Content
  • SEO Roundtable
  • The Nerdist
  • Smashing Magazine
  • WP Mayor

Guerrilla Content Strategy for Developers

Although they’re not always talked about together, content strategy is actually an integral part of the entire development process. That’s because, like development, content strategy works to make the web better on both the front-end and back-end. When done hastily, projects can become confusing and rife with setbacks. And, when done poorly, a lack of content strategy and planning can easily turn the project of your dreams into your worst nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join the Arizona WordPress Group and Anna Hrach and Libbie Miller, co-founders of Togetherly, to get guerrilla-style content strategy tips that will help make the content aspects of your web builds faster, smarter, and clearer from the start.

What critical kickoff questions to ask up front that will help you make more informed back-end decisions- Ways to build your own content strategy toolbox, with lean yet impactful guerilla-style tactics- How to feel empowered to make big content decisions that will make development smoother

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Libbie Miller – Content strategy director at LaneTerralever and co-founder of Togetherly

Anna Hrach – Director of content at Ethology and co-founder of Togetherly

Resources mentioned in presentation:
Screaming Frog tool — run a crawl to pull URLs, scrape site.
GameStorming a tooklit for innovators, rule-breakers, changemakers

Tips and Tricks
Amazon Cloud Storage

Asana – presented by Carol Stambaugh, FreeUpWebStudio
Tip to move projects: http://asana.kothar.n…

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Presentation deck here: